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Coin Clinic: 1,001 Frequently  Asked Questions

The answers to most questions regarding coins and collecting will be found in this book. Alan Herbert is a renowned numismatist and professional coin authenticator.

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Whitman Guide to Coin Collecting
Whitman Guide to Coin Collecting
by Kenneth Bressett; $9.56

An up-to-date, comprehensive guide that explains everything a new collector needs to know. Kenneth Bressett, the former president of the American Numismatic Association, has written a clear, detailed guide that gives an insider's view of the fascinating world of coin collecting.

A Guide Book of United States Coins 2001
by R.S. Yeoman; $11.16

Commonly referred as "The Red Book," this guide contains color photos, mintages and retail valuation estimates for United States coins and commemoratives from 1916 to date. An excellent source to become familiar with U.S. coins.
A Guide Book Of United States Coins

America's Money, America's Story
America's Money, America's Story
by Richard G. Doty; $34.95

Doty details American money from the days of wampum and beaver pelts right through to telephone debit and credit cards. Special sections are offered on the Revolutionary War, the California Gold Rush, America's Gilded Age, and more. 250 photos. (synopsis from

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